SOL Tuesday: Preaching To The Choir

I’m in the choir.

Someone is preaching to the choir.

I’m listening.

A choir practices regularly. A choir is in the habit of learning

new material.

In this church, we take turns.

We can all preach when we feel called. And someone in the choir

will be there to listen.

To witness.

To testify.

We each hear the message in our own way.

We are not a monolith.

The choir – we hold each other accountable.

I join the choir to build my repertoire and community.

Embedded in our community of song and message

I feel called to preach myself sometimes.

And I encourage others to go on and preach to us when the time is ripe.

Not everyone needs a pulpit to preach. Notice how

some choir members are preaching with the way they live their lives.

We don’t talk as much about that kind of preaching

but it’s powerful.




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