SOL Tuesday Live from Nashville

It’s Tuesday and I’m in the United States.

Dear O’Hare,

I underestimated you and I apologize. I got through Immigration and customs in record time and easily made my way to the connecting flight. It’s true that I assumed the worst and was pleasantly surprised.

To my taxi driver in Nashville,

You read me well. We spoke 4 sentences each at the opening before you put on music whose origins I could only guess at. Shortly before we reached the hotel I asked you where the music was from. Ethiopian classic you told me and then asked if I liked it. Indeed I found it very calming. I left your Taxi feeling kindly welcomed to this city of saloons and honky tonk music.

Notes to self:

On the flight you watched Deadpool, Teen Titans movie, music videos of the ’90s and Skymusic. You did not read.

American celebrity gender norms are oppressive. There seems to be very little room for stories which fall outside of boy meets girl blah blah blah genre.

Has violence always been code for “action”. Action movies revolve around violence, harm, revenge, destruction, right? How is this considered entertainment?

Deadpool was violent and generously ironic. I didn’t love it but it had some artistic merit.

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