SOL Tuesday: Letter to an old friend

Below is a letter I imagined writing to a friend when I’m in my retired years. Not sure what prompted this but it was an interesting experience.

Dear K.,

When was the last time you received a letter from me? No doubt, it’s been a while. Instead you’ve probably heard from me in blurbs and bite-sized communiques traveling through the digital ether.

You should know I’m still here at the same e-mail address. I still live in the same city. Google will find me if you think you can’t.

Some stuff has happened, some things have changed. Both sons are out in the world chasing their dreams and discovering where there are nets and where there are none. As far as I can tell they are both happy and well adjusted. Each is an artist in his own right – one in the digital realm, the other in athletic forms of flight.

As for me, I’m getting on in years. Physically I can still hold my own on a yoga mat. I walk regularly and Fall has become my favorite season when the air is crisp and ground is damp with colorful leaves. I’m grateful we still have seasons. Who knows for how much longer?

The old man and I lead a pretty quiet life together. We read a lot and alternate turning off the light for each other at night once we drop the book we were holding and drift off into the comfort of slumber. Our sleep schedules tend to align only partially. We still say goodnight with a kiss but after a few hours usually only one of us is in bed. So it goes. We are grateful for our relatively good health and projects that keep us curious about the future.

I bet you have barely aged. I’d love to hear from you and know that you are still bringing good into the world. I regret that we have always lived so far away from each other.

Maybe we can see each other again before… well, you know.

Be well! Lots of hugs,



One thought on “SOL Tuesday: Letter to an old friend

  1. What an interesting exercise! I can see your dreams for your children and yourself vividly laid out. I’m curious that you are writing to someone in your town. I sense your worries about some of the ways our world is changing. All in all, this gives a strong sense of who you are now by showing who you imagine you might be. I kind of love it – may have to try this sometime.

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