SOL Tuesday: Deadlines on vacation

I’m on vacation. We’ve chosen a week at a thermal bath near the mountains smack in the middle of Austria. My 11 y-o is into Fortnite, youtube, some swimming, reading and more Fortnite. I’m working pretty hard at this relaxation thing.

And I have deadlines. Imagine: a course description for a week long intensive course of my own creation on the topic of Digital Identity. It’s only a couple of paragraphs but it should describe an at least rough plan of action. Yeah… And throughout the process, I need to keep reminding myself that I am capable and qualified to do all this. Because in between I, of course, hear my chorus of inner skeptics telling me quite the opposite.

I also promised to proofread a chapter of my husband’s master’s thesis. Because after all, I have time, right? Of course, but I still want to drink 2 glasses of wine at dinner because I can, and sleep in because I can, and wow, the day just flies by.

While I am here in this peculiar social configuration called an all-inclusive hotel stay let me make a few random observations:

  • After a certain hour, like 1:30pm, most of the guests seem to have been in or under water at some point. In any case, everyone you see in regular clothes looks scrubbed – you know, a little rosier, maybe even a bit shiny.
  • Small children seem most likely to be interested in practicing their independence at mealtimes.
  • The guests are a reasonable cross section of central Europeans: Austrians, Germans, Hungarians and maybe a couple of other nationalities. Middle aged folks outnumber millenials at least 4 to 1. (At these prices, no wonder.)
  • Random socializing is limited and rare. People stick to their pre-arranged groupings while remaining vaguely polite to strangers.
  • Dinner is the only meal that offers evidence that the hotel is more or less full.

At any rate, the water is warm, the room has a view, we have time and opportunity to spare. Deadlines will come and go. We will have relaxed to the best of our ability.


3 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: Deadlines on vacation

  1. Ooh – now I’m imagining being at a thermal bath in Austria – I can almost feel the relaxation… There are some great nuggets in here. I really relate to the juxtaposition of leaning into the relaxation and simultaneously running through the list of things I need to get done. May you find a balance that works. I love that your son is deep into Fortnite (sigh) and I recognize that inner skeptic (don’t listen!). This observation made me laugh: Small children seem most likely to be interested in practicing their independence at mealtimes. May you have more observations like this as you enjoy the thermal baths.

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  2. Deadlines vs relaxing. I think that if you take time to relax fully, the work you have to do for certain deadlines is more focused and gets done faster. Enjoy your stay!

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