SOL Tuesdays: Blurb Art

“achingly beautiful prose”

“gorgeous, funny and heartwarming”

“vivid, fast, funny, way-smart, and verbally inventive”

“quirky characterization, iron-laden repartee, and edgy humor”

“gripping deep dive”

“astonishing literary debut”

“drops on us like a thunderclap”

“a comic vision haunted by profound sadness”


vision: gorgeous

prose: astonishing

thunderclap: loud

By a vivid debut of literary vision, we are haunted, achingly so, by inventive repartee that drops profound sadness on us.

gripping and gorgeous, these quirky characterizations warm our hearts.

inventive, deep, profound

iron-laden and beautiful dive

like way-smart.




One thought on “SOL Tuesdays: Blurb Art

  1. This post made me laugh. “Luminous” is the one that always gets me. How many contemporary novels are described as “luminous”? For me, it’s the kiss of death–if that word is on the cover, I have to put the book back down. Anything in a book that gets an “achingly” always makes me tired. There’s clearly an art to the book blurb–but mostly it seems to be about writing some florid prose that actually says nothing! I love how you take the kind of empty words from these blurbs and make something better out of them. That “like way-smart” at the end is hilarious.

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