SOL Tuesday: World Cup ’18

No arguing with the referees.

No fouling

No pinching, punching, tripping, gripping the opponent.

Pass quickly

Pass accurately

Keep moving

Keep calm

Keep shooting

Keep trying

Keep the faith.

Every 4 years these ritual contests that draw us in with drama, showmanship and surprise.

Some of it is hard to watch.

Other moments are glorious.

Some games seem endless

But at some point every game is over.

And the World Cup will end

Provide conversation stuff for weeks to come

Maybe years.


2 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: World Cup ’18

  1. It has been an interesting go so far, with some surprises and lots of penalty decisions lately. I have friends who have been to a few games and they report the energy in the stadiums is great! Your poem captured it all well!

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