SOL ’18 Tuesday: Snacks, A Meditation

I have made my peace with snack and snacking

for now.

Standing in my kitchen plucking potato chips

from a shallow bowl at 4:40pm. It is my appetite

and I will spoil it.

Chocolates in the office fridge. Just one more left

oh no more. mmmm that was good and I deserved it

kinda. 1:55pm right before 3rd grade. Yes I ate the last chocolate

because I could.

Grapes would be nice. I mean they are nice right now sometimes


sometimes not. Red seedless the kind my mother always kept in

the crisper (is that what it’s called that bottom drawer in the refridgerator and how do you even spell fridge correctly?

A produce man once told her to hold them up to the light. The better you could see through them the sweeter they would be. She believed him.

I buy grapes and turn them upside down in their plastic case just to make sure they

are not rotting

yet. Grapes are good.

Apples work. Blueberries ask to be eaten quickly.

Snickers hide on the top shelf of the candy cabinet.

10pm ice cream is my heart’s true weakness. So so

creamy sweet with caramel and brownie pieces melting together.

Knowing what an affront

such an intake implies to all nutrition wisdom, I scrape my spoon against the still sticky

sweet bottom of my lovely cup of sin and extract the final remnants

that can be collected with an implement.

It’s not that I have no shame

but that the shame is


I have made my peace with snacks and snacking

for now.

This is middle age.


3 thoughts on “SOL ’18 Tuesday: Snacks, A Meditation

  1. This post might have made me hungry–except that I’m sitting here with a fat wedge of German Chocolate Cake. I’ve been trying to give up snacking in an effort to take off the winter weight gain that’s still hanging around, but it’s just so hard!

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