SOL ’18 Tuesday: Crossing the Deadline

I am surrounded.

At my table, next to my bed, I am surrounded by fragments of thinking in progress, unfinished business; signs of an active, fidgety mind.

Title scribbles: taxonomies of bias, Understanding the Roots of Algorithmic Bias,

Information Literacies that Liberate Rather Than Oppress

Ungaming our Knowledge Systems, Becoming an Information Literacy Detective

In Search of the Tidy Narrative


Grand plans for the big picture yet not enough time to hang up the wash.

SOooo Many Thoughts Tooooo Long for A Tweet

Topics screaming for nuanced treatment and the insurance bill needs to be paid before tomorrow.

My writing spaces stay messy – bubbling with all the fragments of relevant thinking mixed in with unopened mail and a few magazines I seem to be collecting rather than reading.

it’s late on Tuesday and for this post there was no plan beyond the deadline

Which I have herewith traversed.

2 thoughts on “SOL ’18 Tuesday: Crossing the Deadline

  1. I am such a deadline person. I make plans dependent on how important I find the deadline. Today we have an unplanned day off because of elections and I am planning to work on reports, as I have wasted so much time the last few days off not working on them. Life sounds busy with you!


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