Slice of Life – off schedule

Writing fantasies I hold:

  • I am on a retreat in the mountains where the sun is warm and the breeze is gentle and cool. Someone else is delivering meals and responsible for clean up. My only assignment is to do what I please. And write. The book.
  • Like a grad school student with a bad procrastination habit I wait until the 11th hour to complete the manuscript I promised to deliver at sunrise. I write feverishly all night, overcome with a tremendous sense of clarity and invention. I finish in time.
  • I cobble 2700 of my best sentences together and they yield an original new essay that becomes a startling award winner for new authors over 60.
  • I publish a children’s book that kids actually love. I do my own illustrations although I cannot draw a whit.
  • My first memoir gains significant attention because Roxane Gay gives it a thumbs up and tweet of kindness.
  • I manage to put in the time to re-examine my already published work – blog posts, mainly – develop the themes I want to explore, do the necessary writing that draws on those themes without becoming redundant in my message and begin a serious editing process. I compile a selection of critical essays into a book manuscript. My editor works thoughtfully and patiently with me as we prepare the book for publication. I only need to weather 20 or so rejections before a publisher I like responds with positive interest. It takes just 7 months and then the book is released. That is a very real fantasy.

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