Slice of Life #31 On the run

When I log onto this blog, the stats page is what comes up. First thing I notice are those little squares that indicate the days in March 2018 which will all be filled in once I publish this. Oddly gratifying to see this little icon of achievement.

Of course it’s the last day and I’m in a hurry. We should be heading out the door, driving south, reuniting with our youngest who has been visiting his cousins for the week. Of course, my neck is tight because I already spend 2 hours this morning working on and publishing a think piece no one needs but I felt compelled to unload on the world this morning.

But my final slice! I thought. Will I be writing on the road, posting in transit? Not quite but close.

The whole experience here has been a wonderful and unexpected ride. And I may have to join the Tuesday clan because I’m not sure I’m ready to give up all the benefits.

OK, it’s really time to go. Running out the door.

Be well, all!


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