Slice of Life #29 Appreciation Slice

In deciding the follow through with this challenge I made some agreements with myself:

  • I would not share these posts on Twitter (my social media poison of choice) during the month.
  • No images, just text, and links only when absolutely necessary.

So far I’ve been pretty successful in sticking to those two rules. Skipping the images certainly speeds the publishing process – one less thing to think about, seek out, commit to. And not sharing to Twitter has allowed me to take advantage of  and fully enjoy the community that’s right here sharing the challenge.

So here are some observations:

I’ve felt remarkably appreciated, affirmed and supported by this new (to me) community of educators. I’ve met some new people I hope to see around after we break up. I was able to do some writing that  seemed to come from other places in me. Writing about my family of origin, growing up, and parts of my past surprised me. Having no particular agenda or plan, I could allow things to bubble up and just be. This outlet seemed to do me a lot of good.

I’m excited about the ideas I’ve given space here. I’ve created a fresh reservoir of ideas, themes, moments that I will certainly draw from in the coming weeks, months and years. The habit of commenting also tickled my generosity. I found myself more willing to take time to read, comment and empathize as the month went on. And I was of course richly rewarded with so much kindness and encouragement through the comments I received on my writing.

Beyond the objective of posting every day and commenting on at least 3 other blogs, this challenge supports writer autonomy and experimentation in a delightfully uncomplicated and accessible way. So Kudos to TwoWritingTeachers for hosting this whole affair. They’ve offered an excellent forum and I’m so glad I came.

Is it really just 2 more posts and then fini?



8 thoughts on “Slice of Life #29 Appreciation Slice

  1. This is a wonderful reflection on this adventure, and I share your feelings.
    I especially appreciate how you describe the commenting as “tickling your generosity” (fabulous turn of phrase!) and your motivation to comment on others increasing as the month goes on. I feel that is such an important part of this process. And not only do we encourage each other, but the commenting – both reading and then writing them- also makes us better writers.

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  2. Congrats :D! Thanks for sharing why you chose not to post on Twitter. I often think about skipping images (you’re right: finding them takes a lot of time), but I require my students to use them so I think I do it for that. Plus, I like the visual interest! Before I would never use pictures (I’ve been doing this a long time), but now I find them ever so fun.


  3. The commenting is one of the nicest things about this challenge, I think. There are so many readers who are eager to read and respond to our words during this month. I am glad you feel renewed as a writer and have discovered new ideas to write about. I feel like my blog had lost its focus and I had largely lost my interest in blogging–and I know I’ve found things I want to write about and even have some ideas for resurrecting my blog and being more consistent. Do you think you will stick with slicing on Tuesdays throughout the year?


  4. Welcome to the club, and glad to meet you. Congratulations on making it all the way in your first year.
    My thoughts mirror much of your post, as if we were thinking with the same brain.
    Now this post will lead me to read your old posts, and so on.
    I like the idea of making deals with yourself. I think I may do that too without recognizing it.

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  5. What a great reflection. I am a first-timer this year too, but I ended up missing a few days. I even had some days I just commented (you’re right that the commenting is one of the best parts). I really enjoyed this challenge as a writer too, and I think it was really helpful just to get back in a habit of putting thoughts down somewhere on a regular basis! And what an interesting idea to avoid social media… I didn’t even think about that. I feel like I learned a lot this year too, and I’m squirreling away the idea about avoiding social media and skipping pictures!

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  6. I hope you’ll stick around for Tuesday’s, Sherri. While the community does shrink a bit, it’s a lovely chance to get to know the loyal Slicers and connect with them on another level. This is just my second year of Slicing, and I’ve so loved growing my Tuesday network, using the challenge as a bridge. Once a week is definitely do-able. Congratulations on making it!

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  7. Hey! I don’t want to fini just yet. I hope you continue to post your slices every Tuesday going forward, or when you can. I appreciate your reflection in your slice today and hope we don’t have to really break up.

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  8. Great thoughts! I share on FB because my friends & family have shared that they like to read my blog. I hope you stay as part of our Tuesday slice practice!

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