Slice of Life #28 Some Lists

Words I wish I had more use for:

Starstruck, inventory, sublime, charismatic, chartreuse, sacred, lullaby, hymn.

Legume, horticultural, riveted, droop, shallow, limber, canter.

oblong, allegorical, scatter, driftwood, scandalous, wainwright.



Words I wish I would use less:

Frustrating, line, up, no, not, today.

boys, girls, ready, know, hands, soap, kick, don’t.

Go, yet, wait! Stop! Freeze! Done.


What I can see from where I’m sitting:

Laptop screen. Cursor blinking, awaiting keystrokes.

Books scattered.

notebooks, 1 small, 1 larger.

iPad, closed.

More books.

Stack of poetry books individually still sealed in plastic.

Opened and unopened mail.

Son’s drawing: Good Guy.

pens, scattered.

Several plastic sleeves, size A4 what are they doing here, I can never find one when I desperately need one.

Roll of sketches by an artist friend, unopened.

Surface of this large table of wood of a kind I can’t remember the name; Warm in color.

There is more.

That’s enough.


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