Slice of Life #23 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Some things I said:

“I think if he could do PE with his friends and everything else, but be invisible while he’s doing it, he’d be really happy.”

“He’s steering the group but his hands are not on the wheel.”

“Well, she’s happy.”

“If she enjoys coming to PE, then really, we’re winning.”

“Follow her lead. Let her be your guide.”

“Don’t discount the physical aspects of doing drama. She might enjoy doing dance which would complement her drama activities.”

“He seems to like it when he has concrete goals to work towards like 20 catches or 30 bounces.”

“Maybe we should think about more about building autonomy. [to 3rd grader directly] Do you know what that means?”

“I get it.”

“They have class at the end of the day; attentionally, they are spent. The last thing they want is to have to sit and listen to me talk.”

“What do you hear about PE at home?”

“Sometimes he is slow to find a partner. He tends to wait it out and see what happens.”

“He’s found friends.”

“She is much more confident.”

“I see she loves to dance!”

“Every child should have a chance to shine.”

“Does she enjoy the playground? yeah? Keep taking her to the playground.”

“Her adjustment has been seamless.”

“She might enjoy trying something off the beaten path. Something that doesn’t attract the masses.”


“Well, thank you for coming. It was a pleasure meeting you.”


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life #23 Parent-Teacher Conferences

  1. I love your choice to write about parent-teacher conferences by collecting these snippets of dialogue. All together, they create a powerful piece that says so much about you and your values as a teacher. I laughed at “He’s steering the group but his hands are not on the wheel.” That’s my son in every class!

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  2. I also love your collection of dialogue! Great idea! It also reminds me that I rarely meet with my own children’s teachers who are not their primary classroom teacher! I could do better!


  3. This was an unusual and enjoyable post to read. We live down the road from the elementary school our boys attended. Even though they are much older now, we know what day it is PT conference day – it always brings back a lot of memories. Sounds like you are invested in your students . Thanks.


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