Slice of Life #22 Speechwriting

I’m working on a speech and it is not coming easily.

I need to say something that may be uncomfortable for some to hear.  I need to complicate the narrative and some folks may not like that.

I was thinking about swear words and how common they have become in the popular vernacular. Since I live in Europe lyrics with the F-word are played on the radio and no one bats an eye. It usually takes me quite a few times singing along before I realize exactly what the lyrics are. And then I think, who knew the F-word could be so melodic?

Once I heard a keynote talk by a well known playwright and author. He was exceptionally real and while I am not one to use a whole lot of profanity, his talk showed me that I can appreciate those who employ swear words to great effect. Well selected and carefully placed profanity works well in some contexts.

In my speech there is no swearing. That’s not how I might make folks uncomfortable. I do feel the need to say

the issue is complex,

a chant will not make us winners.

Until all of us are safe, no one is.

It will be quite a speech, I reckon.





6 thoughts on “Slice of Life #22 Speechwriting

  1. Best of luck with your speech writing! I think that when speaking you should always consider your audience and purpose… so maybe colorful language WILL be appropriate!

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