Slice of Life #20 I can’t believe…

I can’t believe…

it’s still not spring although we are so deserving.

that my 3rd graders are 4-square literate and didn’t tell me.

that I’ve been doing sprinting drills for almost 40 years.

that I now use the phrase ‘old home week’ without a hint of irony.

it’s already the 20th of March and i still haven’t booked my flight to Dusseldorf for the beginning of April.

my oldest son is a grown man, gainfully employed.

that my coming of age story plays out in Austria.

that I’ve been teaching PE for 22 years and coaching track for 27.

that my young son is planning to become a professional ski jumper.

that I’ve gotten this far into March and managed to write a slice every day!

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life #20 I can’t believe…

  1. I love this list and this format…. just might have to borrow it. Have you been writing all your life? What made you want to take on this challenge and how did you learn about it? (If you’ve blogged about that, just point me to the relevant post!) Your slices have been a breath of fresh air to me all month–so tightly written and full of voice.

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    1. Hi Elisabeth, Thank you for your very kind words. I learned about slicing through a Twitter colleague and I was intrigued. I just followed the links in her blog post and just joined in.
      It feels as if I’ve been writing my whole life but publicly I’ve been blogging and tweeting for the last 6 years or so. Especially in the last 3 years I have invested more and more time and energy in blogging, commenting and also publishing other authors. I have a publication on Medium: Identity, Education and Power which is about 2 yrs old now. And my personal blog is . Slicing has been a fantastic outlet for spontaneous ideas and also for experiencing a new kind of community. I’m so glad I joined! Thanks for asking!


      1. Well my goodness, I can’t believe I never found you before! I enjoy your writing so much and also learn from your observations, so I’m excited to know that you have other sites for writing. Off to find and follow!

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    1. I’ve lived in Vienna, Austria since 1991 but came here the first time in 1986, many, many years ago. That means I’ve spent more of my adult years in this country than growing up in the US. Still my cultural & linguistic home is the US, although I also speak German fluently.


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