Slice of Life 18# Breakfast Forever

If breakfast could go on forever…

I’d still start with plain yogurt and crisp, tart apple pieces – maybe a mix of Pink Lady and Granny Smith – add in some raisins, broken walnuts, and dried apricot pieces or cranberries, depending.

I’d have fresh croissants from France, buttery and fragrant and pain de chocolat, too. A series of teas for eternity – cinnamon yogi tea with milk, then a hearty fruit tea with a hint of ginger. Later on I’d go with a full on ginger tea with lemon and honey, followed by a rotbush or Earl Gray or a spot of English Breakfast tea all served with milk in a separate dispenser.  Oh yes, of course, I’d have water in between to freshen the palate.

Cereals! Small bowls of Cap’n Crunch, Apple Jack and Froot Loops – separate, not mixed. Naturally, I’d have two kinds of Pop Tarts – brown sugar cinnamon and blueberry – both unfrosted. (that part is so critical!)

At some point I’d have some fresh mango pieces, firm and juicy, freshly cut by someone else along with kiwi and banana and red seedless grapes – also firm and juicy but the skin should be smooth but not thick or rubbery.

I’m imagining this breakfast in my home but I think everywhere I go would be appropriate (this is fantasy after all). Because it’s breakfast forever, I would always have time and be dressed however I felt and change as desired: pyjamas or summer dress, sweats or yoga garb, whatever! I’d invite friends in pairs or one at a time and we could sit and talk about books, ideas and relationships – unhurriedly enjoy each others’ company. We could interrupt our indoor grazing with a stroll outside in the sun, savoring our closeness and laughing.

I’d serve everyone’s favorite version of coffee although I don’t drink it myself.

Fresh homemade biscuits from scratch that I could boast were my own without actually having the physical effort of mixing, rolling and cutting the dough. I would watch them rise and brown in the oven with my guest of the moment, letting the aroma overtake us.

Goodness – let’s not forget pancakes and French toast, with grade A Canadian maple syrup. Some scrambled eggs with a few spicy little sausages on the side – a little greasy but not too much.

If breakfast could go on forever, I’d also take time to read a book quietly and thoughtfully and my tea would stay warm. I’d have toast – once with grape jam, then with cinnamon sugar and always with a good coating of butter underneath those options.

There would be hot chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream.

Sparkling wine with orange juice. Fresh squeezed, mind you, from the juice bar where a variety of fruit and vegetable smoothies are waiting to be composed on demand.

If breakfast could go on forever and happened everywhere I went, I’d share breakfast with friends around the world sampling all the possible variations missing in my modest repertoire.

Just imagine.


17 thoughts on “Slice of Life 18# Breakfast Forever

  1. Some memorable breakfasts I’ve had- at the Columbia Gorge Hotel, where honey is drizzled onto your waffles or pancakes like a waterfall (there are some beautiful waterfalls on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest). And in a typical restaurant in Panama City- Central America, not Florida: thick corn “tortillas” with queso fresco (soft white cheese), black beans, and rice. But the best ever- my family’s annual Christmas morning breakfast. A real feast!

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  2. Wow, sign me up! You know how to live. It was so vivid, I’m actually a little hesitant to reread, as it might mean a trip to the kitchen so I can figure out what part of that I could manage to pull together.

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  3. What I love about your piece is your use of all the proper nouns that make your writing incredibly visual. You could have said cereal, but you said Cap’n Crunch. Love your writing–thanks for sharing. Oh….and my perfect breakfast would include Eggs Benedict. 🙂

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  4. Mmmmm! This sounds so, so lovely. Especially the talk and book part, and someone else doing the work, (and the cleanup afterwards!). Let me know when this is happening!

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  5. You were a step ahead of me throughout. I wondered if you were mixing those cereals. I then wondered about frosted or un-frosted. Next was my curiosity as to where the ‘hot’ breakfasts were. Finally, without my realizing it was possible, though being a fantasy of course it is – tea that never gets cold!

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