Slice of Life #16 In Between

How much of life happens in between other things?

I left my phone at home this morning. When I got to school, set up a marvelous obstacle course just in time and rushed to meet my class, my colleague reminded me that I don’t teach this group today. Fair enough.
Suddenly I have an unanticipated pocket of time. I chose to come home to pick up my phone. And write this slice. In between
home and school.

As a school we’re in a transition week. We’re in between
2nd trimester report cards and parent conferences,
Basketball and Track seasons,
Winter and spring.

I often have a hard time remembering everything I worked on with students in a week. I teach all levels from PK to 5th grade and my schedule on any given day includes preparing for at least 3 different levels. Normally I would have 5th graders this morning, then switch to Kindergarten before addressing 4th graders in the afternoon. In between
I adjust my plan, my thinking, my demeanor, to adapt.

It’s Friday before a jam packed weekend which will feature a lot of driving time. I’m steeling myself already for a longer drive today into Alpine foothills after dark. There are some set times where we need to be at a particular place. We have to be organized and prepared for snow, cold, rain and lots of standing in the elements. I suspect I’ll be craving down time, warmth time, alone time, and that these are most like to arrive in slivers rather than chunks
In between.

It’s where a lot of my life is happening: in between.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #16 In Between

  1. I imagine you always on your feet, pivoting this way and that in this piece. I hope the things you crave arrive in more than just slivers of time soon!


  2. I agree! Much of my day is also predetermined by the must-dos and the in-between moments (real life) can seem so far apart. I am trying to be more mindful during the must-dos. I find that writing and reading for the Slice of Life challenge is helping with that.


  3. For some reason ‘the in between’ and ‘the upside down’ have a similar sound to my ear. I’m glad you are living in the in between and NOT the upside down. #strangerthings

    Transition times can be hard to find ways to keep productivity up and relevance high. Hang in there!


  4. Oh man, I can relate to this, especially setting up for a class you didn’t teach. This semester has been pretty chill so far, but I well remember those semesters where I felt like I didn’t know when I was coming or going and finding those in-between moments to breathe.


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