Slice of Life #15 Phrases

Phrases I rely on:

That’s all I got. (To my son at the end of the day and he’s begging me to read one more page.)

Thank you for walking. (Typically addressed to a child running in the hall or up the stairs)

I hear you. (To my colleague sharing her own too full plate of responsibilities.)

Would you?  Please. (To family members whom I am annoyed to be asking once again.)

How can I help you? (To that student whose hand is still up after we’ve gone through a long Q&A about the game we’re going to play.)

What did you hear me say before? (Follow up to the same student who asks a question previously raised in the discussion.)

Who can help him/her? (to the class chomping at the bit to finally play the game.)

Let’s try that again. Differently. (to the student who comes sliding into the bunch, feet first.)

Was that helpful? (To every student who tossed, bounced or dribbled equipment in the opposite direction of me holding the bag when we are trying to clean up.)

Who you tellin’? (to my young son when he complains about something I feel equally entitled to complain about.)

That’s all we have time for. (To every class that would play longer if they could.)

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. Sleep fast. (Ritual leave taking at bedtime.)




9 thoughts on “Slice of Life #15 Phrases

  1. I love the positivity that your structure of phrases exudes. Mixing your home phrases used with family members and school phrases used with students tells a compelling story about how much the two parts of our lives as educators are intertwined. Thanks for the uplifting slice!

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  2. This is such a wonderful piece! I love the structure and how positive even the lines used to correct and redirect are. I’m going to have to listen to myself and hear what phrases I repeat in the day. This is a clever and creative way to capture those phrases.

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  3. “What did you hear me say before?” “Was that helpful?” Oh my! I chuckled as I read these. What a great idea for a slice. I’m on March break right now, but I think when we go back to school I will ask my students what I say all the time… should be an interesting exercise!

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  4. “What did you hear me say before?” is much nicer than me saying “What did I just say?” So I think I have to adopt that now.

    Also “Who you tellin’?” is real. We have to let the children know haha.

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