Slice of Life #13 Sounds like

Lice of Flies

Life of fleece

Sleeve of flice

ice so file

Slice of life

Yesterday I was leading stretches for my kindergarten class and the music was blaring. I heard one little girl near the front tell me “I was six.”

“Really? that’s great!” I responded.

She looked at me funny and said “I said I was sick!”

We laughed.

And it’s still amazing to me how much sick and six sound alike in the middle of stretching with loud music on.


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life #13 Sounds like

  1. Ha. That happens to me sometimes, too, with older students. Strange how our mind hears and tries to make connections based on context and sound. And sometimes, gets it wrong.


  2. When we are testing, I have to ask for all these last names and hear the most amazing mistakes in the buzz of testing. How cute are your students! Good capture!


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