Slice of Life #12 A bargain slice

One of the first things I mentioned to my husband this morning: “I joined this blogging challenge called slice of life and I have to write a blog post every day this month.”

“You told me about it.”

“I did?”

And I could go on and on about it because we’re approaching the middle of the month and I’m feeling like ‘I got this!’

And one of the joys is also writing and not telling the world. Not sharing out to my Twitter fam. But holding it for myself and this cozy community of slicers. This is a new part of my public writing. Slicing feels like a training camp for my writing. Every day I get in some kind of workout of words. There’s no stopwatch, no word or page limit, just the commitment to post daily for one month.

And like in any training camp, you arrive thinking you’re fit enough and then you discover there’s so much more you’re capable of, so many other ways to think about and practice your craft. It’s glorious and it’s humbling and it’s fascinating. There’s learning on top of learning. Piles and heaps of learning. Stacks of ideas, connections, avenues. All that for the price of a single blog post per day.

A bargain really.

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life #12 A bargain slice

  1. Yes!! This is my first time slicing and my first time blogging and my first time commenting and my first time getting comments and… I LOVE IT. I mean, it’s terrifying and humbling and amazing. Your post captures it well: Every day I get in some kind of workout of words. And “There’s learning on top of learning.” Exactly. Thank you for saying it so well.

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  2. This is my fifth March Challenge and I participate in the Weekly Tuesday slices as well. This is a great community to belong to. I also feel that every post I submit and every comment I receive helps me to grow in some way. Hard to believe that we are almost half way through the month.

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  3. Sheri,

    Bargain indeed.

    I enjoy writing the slice, sharing it and the anticipation of creating a new one. During the day, I often find myself saying, hmm, this will be a good slice.

    Yes, it forces me to flex my writing and thinking muscles. The best part of it is to communicating with fellow slices.

    Happy slicing.


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  4. I love this bargain, too! I agree with this statement “And one of the joys is also writing and not telling the world.” It’s just fun. (And I thought it was funny that you had already shared with your husband but didn’t remember!)

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  5. A bargain is a wonderful word for all the learning and growth and community we experience in March with this challenge. I like the comparison with training camp, too, and what we discover about our fitness levels when we really commit to this. I always tell myself before March begins that I already write, I don’t really need the Slice challenge for that, but I do need it and it gives me something far bigger than simply daily writing.


  6. I love this slice! It is an absolute bargain, and you’re so right, there are heaps of learning and I am also discovering I’m capable of more than I thought I was, just like boot camp fitness class.

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  7. “Slicing feels like a training camp for my writing. Every day I get in some kind of workout of words. ” What a great way to describe the March Challenge. The highs and lows of workouts apply as well. Glad today is a good day for yours.


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