Slice of Life #9 A day in 48 questions

Can I go play?


Did you brush your teeth?

Are you ready to go?

Where am I today?

Are we in the lower gym or the activities room?

What are we doing?

Are we playing hockey?

Are we going to watch the dance battle?

Have you seen this before?

Are we going to do that too?

Can we do that too?

Why didn’t we get to do that?

Can I get a drink?

Can I go to the bathroom?

Can I get some water?

Did you wash your hands?

With soap?

Is it Awesome Gym Day?

Did you bring me 7 Awesome Gym Day Awards?

Can we play that game we played yesterday?

Are we ever going to play hockey?

How can I tell that you’re ready?

Can you find a partner?

It’s time to go?

Can we play again?

Was that helpful?

Can we play this next time?

Are you bus or pick-up?

Are you staying here for an activity?

Are you in the running group?

Where did this come from?

Where is your tournament?

What time do you leave?

What time do you need me to be there?

Would you hold this please?

How was your day?

And your day?

Can I go play?

What are we having?

Would you like another piece?

Apple juice or orange juice?

Something sweet?

Are you done?

Did you floss?

Can you read?

Can you turn on the music?

Are we done?

Yeah, we’re done.



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