Slice of Life #5 Teaching While Rested

It is Monday.


On Monday I enter school knowing that I had a couple of days off.

If not all of that time, at least a portion of it belonged to just me. To do “me” things: To make the foods I like, to have a sip of wine if I chose, to do my hair, to tweet and snack… All the things…

So it’s Monday and I feel rested. I teach with a chunk more patience and humor and energy. My first response to odd behavior is curiosity rather than annoyance. My ears are open for listening. I have space in my head to remember what I had forgotten last week.

My students look rested, too. They have space in their heads for a little more focus, a tad more kindness and tolerance. We’re ready to do the dance.

The music begins, the curtain rises. It’s on.

It’s Monday, hooray!

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life #5 Teaching While Rested

  1. I love the positive outlook! Unfortunately, my experience was the complete opposite today. Hope you have an equally fabulous Tuesday!

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  2. That rest is so important! I hate when the weekend gets so busy that I don’t feel strong on Monday to face the challenges! So many truths in your post.

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  3. I wish the weekend were three days!
    I really love this post. Lot’s of truth to the points you brought up…especially the point about teaching with more patience and humor. By Friday, I’m no good! Thanks for sharing.


  4. There are several times throughout the year that we have in service days on one of our weekend days, leaving us with only one day off. It isn’t enough. Teachers really notice how we are off our game for that six day stretch of working. Rest truly is important. I’m so glad you got to do all the things!


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