Slice of Life #4 That time…

That time I became the face of my institution and it was OK.

I’ll try to keep this short. Recently I was asked by my school’s marketing director if I would agree to being featured in a print ad. He explained why he thought I would be a good candidate pointing not only to my teaching career but also to my multiple engagements outside of my regular teaching duties. I was flattered and agreed.

I attended a photo shoot on the other side of town on a Friday afternoon before vacation. My 10 y-o son had to tag along and fortunately he was particularly good humored about the whole thing. I was dressed in my work clothes: sweats. I brought a couple of other options and changed into a light pair of black sweat pants and a simple blue t-shirt, no logo. My colleague envisioned me in a handstand or cartwheel for the ad so we tried out a few of those, plus a few static poses and within about 15 to 20 minutes we were done. I may or may not have strained my hamstring on the last couple of cartwheels.

The ad would be a half page and that same evening I sent a few quote possibilities to the marketing director to consider for the accompanying text. Shortly before the 1st of March I received an e-mail with a copy of the ad. Neither the cartwheel or handstand pics worked well in the half page layout so the pose selected was one of me standing.

The quote he chose fit well and said what I wanted it to say. The picture next to it is fairly natural, relaxed and looks like me, a fit black woman who may or may not be over 50. There is nothing remarkable about my appearance – there’s no make up, no special clothes or jewelry, I’m smiling and that’s it. It’s rare for me to feel so well captured on film. And in text.

That time I was selected to be the face of my institution and it was beyond OK; it was spectacular.


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #4 That time…

  1. I was surprised when the shot turned to cartwheeling. Not at all what I was expecting but a great way to lend your readers immediate insight into the kind of human and teacher you are. And the fact that it was suggested by a colleague says you let it all shine out! Way to go! And beautiful spread!


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