Slice of Life 2018, #1

Beginning something new.

Uncomfortable. Awkward. Time consuming. Noticing some resistance.

But doing it anyway. Persisting, because I can. For now. Starting a temporary, one could almost say ‘pop-up’ blog for the occasion of trying something new. Writing something every day. Here in this space.

And I say, if I can tweet 10 times, then I can also squeeze in a quick blog post.

Today’s slice of life story:

I had a thought about parenting while I was in the car this afternoon. I had just picked up my youngest from his friend’s and we were headed back in the direction of my school where I had a basketball game to coach.

He was quiet in the backseat. And as I drove i wondered about when I fall in love with him again and again. Is it when he’s sleeping? When I sit on his bedside in the morning to welcome him into a new day? When we laugh out loud together? When he sings while he brushes his teeth?

Because of course there are so many moments of annoyance and challenge and habit that I forget how special and amazing his very existence actually is. I forget the way he lights up my days, my weeks, my life. And how deeply he marks my purpose in this life. This one boy, sitting quietly in the backseat.

And we drive on.

11 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2018, #1

  1. Awwwww. A mother’s love. Love the organic-ness of this slice. And congrats on trying something new. Last year was my first SOLC and I created a blog just for that purpose. Thought it would end on March 31st, but I’m still here! Have fun, and I look forward to sharing our slicing journey together. 🙂


  2. I’ve never really thought about how we fall in love with those around us over and over. This gives me something to think about for my drive hoe this afternoon.


  3. WOW!! Such a sweet, sweet post. I so admire how you, between whatever you did all day and then rushing to the next thing, can just stop and recall many moments with this boy! You say SO much in just a few words! I also like your beginning analogy of this writing challenge being just like a “Pop-up” – such a cool metaphor. Keep it going!!


  4. “How I fall in love with him, again and again.” Love this line; the deepness of your connection with your son shines through. Keep remembering these things for when those challenges come up! Beautiful, heartfelt first post of the SOLSC!


  5. The love you have for your son is beautifully expressed in this lyrical post. The rhetorical questions are very effective in reinforcing the “falling in love again and again” theme of your writing.

    Enjoy the journey on your first #SOLC


  6. Quiet in
    the back
    all wondering
    and silence.
    My eyes are
    in the mirror,
    gazing back into
    the years.
    There are these moments
    when we ponder
    this unexplainable love,
    finding words
    falling short of

    — doing some line-lifting for poems today, and happy to know you are giving SOL a chance. Apologies for stealing words.


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  7. So glad I discovered your blog this morning! Catching up on all your slices so far (obviously) and loving that line about falling in love with our children again and again. That line is going to stick with me. (And maybe inspire some writing!)


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